Uploading Image Files

Uploading Images to Zoey before Import to Products
If your images are stored on your computer, you can upload them to Zoey using the method below.


Note: This method is good for up to 1000 images. This Image Import tool may be slow, so if you have a larger catalog of images, you may find better success with Importing Images from an External Source (URL)

Upload Your Images

To upload your images, follow the below steps:

  • From your Control Panel, navigate to Import & Export > Product Images
  • Upload your images in one of two ways:
    • Click Upload Files on the top right corner to view your computer folders and select the images
    • Drag and Drop the images from the image's folder on your computer to this page
  • You should now see your uploaded images, file names and have the option to delete. You can also click on the image to preview and find the File Path.


Issue With Spaces & Special Characters In File Names

Using folder names with special characters or spaces has caused issues for image association in the past. We recommend using - instead of a space, and spelling out "and" rather than using "&"


Optional - Managing Images In SubFolders

If you would like, you can Create Subfolders using the pulldown tab next to Upload Files. We recommend completing a successful upload and import before moving onto more complicated things like the subfolders.


Adding Image Paths To CSV Files

When working on your CSV (Importing Images), you can now use the "Relative Paths" to map your SKUs to images uploaded in the steps above.

To get the image paths of the images uploaded, click "Export Folder Image Paths to CSV" (see below)


Then you can use this file to add SKUs for each image row:




  • Every image file name must match the one uploaded exactly including the file path and capitalization.
  • If your image file names have spaces or parenthesis in them, your store will automatically replace the space and parenthesis with an underscore. If your file was named "First product Image(1).jpg", it will now be "Firstproduct_Image_1.jpg" and must be listed as such in your CSV file.
  • Every image name in the spreadsheet must start with a forward slash: /
    • Example: /image.jpg
    • Example: /folder/image.jpg
  • There should be no empty rows between SKUs. Every row must have at least one value if there is a following row being used.
  • SKUs can only be entered once.
  • You can add the same image to every product, you just need a new row with each SKU.
  • If you are using Folders, these must also be included.
  • As with every CSV file Zoey uses, you must save this as a Windows CSV file.