Suggested Footer Links

What links should you put in your footer? Below are a few suggestions.

Contact Us/contacts
The above URL path will take the user to a default page that you can not edit. It is a basic contact form. You can replace this path with a new one if you want to build your own Contact Us page.
About Us/about-us
Most Zoey Themes come with a default About Us page with the above path. But you may want to change it to be more descriptive/SEO friendly.
Privacy Policy/privacy
Most Zoey Themes come with a default Privacy Policy Us page with the above path.
Customer Service/customer-service
Most Zoey Themes come with a default Customer Service page with the above path. This page should be used for Shipping/Returns information as well as any other customer service policies.
Orders & Returns/sales/guest/form
This URL path will go to a form for users to find order information by entering the Order Number, Billing Last Name and Email or Billing Zip/Post Code.
Site Map/catalog/seo_sitemap/category
The above URL paths will go to a very basic sitemap page that lists out links to all your categories and products. Footer Links to these pages ONLY BENEFIT SEO. This is not intended for users to browse your site.
Create Account/customer/account/create
This URL Path will take the user to the create new account screen.
My Account/customer/account
This URL Path will take users to the My Account Dashboard page. If they are not logged in, they will be automatically re-directed to the Log-In page.
Phone NumberWe highly recommend putting a Phone Number in your footer if you allow customers to call you directly. We also recommend using the following formatting so users can click to call directly from mobile devices:
<a href="tel:555-555-5555">555-555-5555</a>