Google Sheets Importer


Zoey’s internally-created Google Sheets Importer makes it easy to pull documents from Google Sheets on a schedule to add or update products and product data, including the management of inventory, pricing and more.


  • Log-in with Google to connect to your Google Drive account and connect one or more sheets
  • Schedule the import of Products/Product Data – ideal for synchronizing prices, inventory or even adding new products
  • Map column headers to Zoey product attributes
  • Ignore columns that may not be needed in Zoey
  • Set default columns and values for required data that might not be included in your Google sheet.
    Configure scheduling to have syncing occur once or more each day/week or month
  • Error Reporting will email any failed imports to an email address of your choosing
  • Audit Log will show the last 30 imports, any errors/warnings, and let you download the CSV file imported from Google Sheets at that time
  • Test and Manually Run the import anytime from within the Import Manager

Install the Google Sheets Importer

Start by installing the Google Sheets Integration App into Zoey.

Log-in to your Zoey Web Admin, then click: INSTALL ZOEY <> GOOGLE SHEETS IMPORTER