Creating A Redirect for A Category


You can set a "redirect URL" for a category link in the navigation to go to.


This is not a 301 Redirect

This feature will only change the link URL in your header navigation. The URL key for the category will still be valid. Click here to learn about 301 Redirects for SEO.


Click here to learn how to create a redirect for any URL


Make Category Link Anywhere


Link Updates in Navigation

Enabling Redirect

  • Navigate to Product > Category > select desired category
  • Check "Redirect to External URL"
  • Enter the URL you want this Category's navigation link to go to.

Note: You can use relative paths like "/about-us" for URLs on your store, or use Full Paths like "" for External URLs.

If you would like this link to open in a new tab, check-off "Open External URL in new window"