Configurable Product Table Order Interface


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Configurable Product Table Order Interface expands all the configurable product Variations into a Table for the quick ordering of multiple variations simultaneously.

The table will automatically be configured with the product's variation attributes as columns (i.e. Size and Color as seen in the example above). The customer can enter QTY for each variation, then click the Add To Cart button that appears at the bottom of the page. If each variation has its own image, clicking on the image in the table will swap out the image shown on the page so the user can zoom or expand it.

Global Settings

Enabling For All Configurable Products

To enable Table Order Interface for all Configurable Products, navigate to Zoey Web > Settings > Product Settings > Configurable Products & Variations. Here you can set Use Table Order Interface to Yes.

Other Settings

You can also configure which additional product attributes show in the table (Globally) and if the Table shows Images for each variation.

Enabling For Some Configurable Proudcts

Enabling Within The Admin

Individual products may have the Table Order Interface enabled within the "Variations" section of the Configurable Product Edit Screen (see below).

Setting Options

  • Yes = Enabled for this product (ignores global settings)
  • No = Disabled for this product (ignores global settings)
  • Default = Using the Global Table Order Interface Enabled Setting from Products > Settings.

Enabling With A CSV Import

The above product settings can be imported using a simple CSV with the column header zoey_table_order_enable. See below for formatting.

Editing Via API

Product values may also be set via API using the same Attribute Identifier (zoey_table_order_enable) and the values of 1, 0 or NULL