Adding Images To Products

Importing Images on Products with No Images


If you have previously created products and would now like to import images onto those products, follow the below instructions:

Create Your CSV File


skuSKU of the product you are adding images toYes
imageMain Image URL or Path (depending on Image Location - see Image Locations section of this tutorial)Yes
_media_imageAll Images (1 per row - see below for CSV structure) *should include main image too.No
_media_labelAlt tag for each listed ImageNo
_media_positionSort position of the Images.No

CSV Structure


Note that multiple gallery images are handled with new rows.
Note that the Main Image is repeated in the image and media_image columns and the Main Image's Alt Tag is put in the media_label column


Importing an image with a width greater than 5000px will fail and result in a blank image. Please reduce the size of your image to be below 5000px.

Notes on above:

  • Image - Full URL Path used because this image is stored externally and will be downloaded during the CSV import.
  • *Media_image - Relative path used because image was uploaded onto Zoey server using Import Products from the Import & Export Menu (see below)
    Note: If your uploaded images are in the folder you need to include the folder name in the path. e.g. /foldername/my_image.jpg
    (Use one or the other, not both)


Sample File

Download A Sample File

Import The CSV File

Once your CSV has been Created, proceed to Import Products from the Import & Export Menu (see below)

  • Entity Type = Products
  • Import Type = Append Complex Data
  • Upload your CSV file
  • Click "Check Data" button in top right of screen
  • If everything looks good, you will have a green bar with a button to import

If you encounter errors during the check data step, please read our KB article on Import Errors

Refresh & Review

Often after running imports you may need to Flush Cache and Re-Index (from the "Refresh" menu in the blue sidebar) to see your changes live.