Discount Rules


BEFORE you promote a rule make sure to test it!

Coupon Codes allow you to set up discounts based on the items in a customer's cart. Set a fixed amount or percent off, create the rule Buy One Get One Free, or set multiple combinations to restrict these discounts based on product, customer group or attribute.

A quick example of this is offering a 10% discount off any order. When the user enters GET10 in their shopping cart- the code we set up for this discount, and the customer gets a 10% discount.

Getting Started - General Information

In your Control Panel, click on Promotions > Discount Rules where you can Edit an existing coupon by clicking on it or set up a new discount by clicking Create a Discount Rule in the top right corner.

You will now be in the General Information section where we will set up our very basic settings. Here are all the fields for this section- those with an asterisk ( * ) are required fields:

Coupon Name Give the Coupon a name for Internal Reference.
DescriptionAlso for Internal Reference, you can leave a more detailed note about the use or function of this coupon.
Status Use Active for the coupon to be in affect as soon as it is saved, or as soon as the From Date begins
Use Inactive if this discount has expired or is a work in progress - we recommend using Inactive until you have finished this tutorial, entered all your settings and are ready to test
Customer Groups * - Select the Customer Groups who can use this coupon. Remember that all users checking out as Guest will be in the NOT LOGGED IN group.
CouponNo Coupon - Discount will be applied automatically in the cart, if the conditions are met.
Specific Coupon - Customers will need to enter a predefined code before they can receive the discount. Once you select this option another field will open called Coupon Code (required if you have selected this option) where you can set the code. Use numbers or letter only.
You can also check Use Auto Generation and create the settings under Manage Coupon Codes.
Uses per Coupon Only for Specific Coupons - limit the number of times the coupon can be used storewide. For example if you have a flash sale where the first 100 customers get a discount, but the 101st person to use the discount will not be able to use the coupon and the promotion will be over.
Uses per CustomerEnter a numerical value to enforce how many times a customer can use the discount. This will only work for logged in customers and not guest purchases - you may want to deselect "NOT LOGGED IN" from the Customer Groups.
From Date & To DateSet a date range for the rule to take effect. If you leave the date range empty the rule starts upon saving and will not expire.
Priority Set the priority for your coupon. This is only needed if you are using the "Stop Further Rules Processing" Rule in the actions area- making a rule with the priority of 1 be used before a rule with the priority of 2.
Public In RSS Feed If you use an RSS feed, you can decide if this is public or not with a simple Yes or No

Here's an example of the settings for a Coupon for 15% off one purchase for all New Accounts:

Configure your Conditions

In the Navigation panel on the left, select Conditions.

Conditions set the requirements for the shopping cart that must be met before your store allows the discount to be applied.


If there are no exemptions to this Coupon code based on the cart, such as no minimum dollar amount of products or price in the cart, and you are allowing this discount to work on ALL items in your catalog, move on to the next step of Actions.

The first rule which appears by default, states:

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:

The statement has two bolded items (ALL and TRUE) which when clicked, offer a drop down of additional options for that part of the statement. You can create different conditions by changing the combination of these values:

  • Click ALL to choose ALL or ANY.
  • Click TRUE to select TRUE or FALSE.


NOTE: All bolded areas are clickable and editable.

Click the green icon at the beginning of the next line. Then, choose one of the following options from the list to describe the condition you want to set for your rule.

Product attribute combination If an item is FOUND / NOT FOUND in the cart with ALL / ANY of these conditions true:
Further conditions to add as is or is not to this statement are:
Price in Cart
Quantity in Cart
Row Total in Cart
Attribute Set
* and any additional Attributes you have set as Use in Promo Code Rules
Products sub-selection Product attribute combination but with these default parameters:
If total quantity is ... for a sub selection of items in cart matching ALL of these conditions
Total Quantity can also be changed to Total Amount
* Is has the options of Is Not, Equals or Greater Than, Equals or Less Than, Greater Than, Less Than, is one of, or is not one of
Use the "..." to enter a numerical value
Conditions combination Allows you to create a condition using a combination of the above conditions
Cart Attribute Create your conditions based on the Shopping Cart's:
Sub Total
Total Items Quantity
Payment Method
Shipping Method
Shipping Postcode
Shipping Region
Shipping State / Providence
Shipping Country
All of these will give you the Is, Is Not, Equals or Greater Than, Equals or Less Than, Greater Than, Less Than, is one of, or is not one of options, as well as a a place to enter the value or a dropdown selection of ones you can use.


When adding a discount to a bundle product, you'll need to include the SKU of the bundle AND all SKU's that make up the bundle.

Here's an example of a coupon that will only work once the customer has more than 10 items from the Sale Category in the cart.

To add more conditions, click the green icon and repeat the process until you conditions are complete.

If at any time you want to delete part of the statement, click the red icon at the end of the line.

Set the Actions

Actions qualify which the discount applies to.

In the panel on the left, select Actions.

Apply Percent of product price discount (discounts a percentage of the original product price)
Fixed amount discount (discounts a fixed amount for each product)
Fixed amount discount for whole cart
Percent of whole cart
* Buy X get Y free (discount amount is Y) (NOTE: works only for same SKUs)
Discount Amount Enter a numeric value for the amount to be discounted.
Maximum Qty Discount is AppliedThe largest number of products to which this discount applies.
Discount Qty Step (Buy X)If the rule is based on Buy X get Y Free, enter a number in the Discount Qty Step (Buy X) field to specify how often the discount can be used at a given time. For example, if the rule says, “Buy 2, get 1 free,” and the customers buys 6 products, do they get 3 products for free? You can put a limit on the number of times the rule can be applied to a single sale.
Apply to Shipping Amount No: The discount is added to the Subtotal _before the shipping amount is calculated.
Yes: The discount is _after the shipping is calculated.
Free ShippingDefines whether Free Shipping is offered for this rule.
For matching items only: Free shipping is available only for specific items in the cart that match the rule.
For shipment with matching items: Free shipping is available for the entire cart when a coupon that is based on the rule is used.
NOTE: The Free Shipping method needs to be enabled.
Stop Further Rules ProcessingIf you don't want multiple discount rules to work together, set this to "Yes".


One discount code can be used per order

Only one Discount Code can be applied to an order, while you can combine a rule with a discount code and one without a code.

Additional Actions

To define an additional rule that applies to specific items in the cart only after the requirements in Conditions are met, click the green add icon and choose an item from the following sections in the list:

  • Cart item attribute
  • Price in cart
  • Quantity in cart
  • Row total in cart
  • Product attribute set
  • Category
  • SKU
  • Any Custom Attribute that has been set up with "Use for Promo Rule Conditions"
  • When complete, click the Save Rule button.
  • Here's the Actions set up for our 15% off example with no limit on what and how much or little the customer buys:

Save and Test your Promotion

Click the Save button in the top right.
Go back to Coupon Information and set the Status to Active.
We highly recommend viewing your store and running a test order first to make sure you have the coupon operating the way you want it.

Discount Labels (Optional)

You can add a label for the Discount Rule which will be displayed in cart to describe the discount they are receiving.

In the panel on the left, select Labels.

You can enter a Default Rule Label for All Store Views which will be displayed in the Order Summary for all store languages.

You can also set a discount label for each language on your store.

Generate and Export Codes (Optional)

Once you have saved your Coupon, you can go back into your Coupon and find Manage Coupon Codes. You can now put together the structure of what your codes will look like:

  • Coupon Qty *
  • Code Length * Excluding prefix, suffix and separators
  • Code Format *
  • Code Prefix
  • Code Suffix
  • Dash Every X Characters

Click Generate to create.

Below this area you will find all the generated codes as well as information on their usage. This can be exported as well as deleted.