Quantity Increments, Packaging and Decimal Quantity

Quantity Increments control the increments at which your products can be purchased. Packaging allows your customers to purchase products in "Package Increments" like 1 Case which actually translates to 16 units. Decimal Quantity allows the item to be purchased in decimal qty like 0.25 etc...

Quantity Increments

Global Setting

  • You can quickly enable Quantity Increments for all products in Products > Settings > Inventory

Enforce Increment Stepping When Adjusting Qty

Find this setting in Orders > Settings > Admin Create Orders.

Set to Yes to ignore the quantity increments when entering the item quantity as an Admin. This means that Store Admins can enter any quantity for the order. Regardless of the Quantity Increment enforced in the frontend.

This is a global setting which can't be set differently product-by-product.

Per-Product Settings

On the Product Edit screen, in the Inventory & Shipping section, click "Configure Qty Increments"

Then you can enable and configure Quantity Increments

After saving the product, you can set a different value for different customer groups if needed


Packaging allows your customers to purchase in quantity increments by entering the number of increments rather than the total quantity. For instance, if your product is purchasable in quantities of 12, because 12 units is 1 case, the customer only needs to enter a qty of 1 to place an order for 12 units.

Product Settings

In the Quantity Increments section, set "Enable Packaging" to Yes.

  • Unit Label - This is the label you are going to give to a single quantity of this product. i.e. the Unit Label for a Case of Wine is "Bottle(s)"
  • Quantity Increment - This will be the unit quantity per package.
  • Package Label - This is the name of the package type, i.e. Case, Pallet, Crate etc...

How It Works

On the Product Page

On the Category Page

In the Shopping Cart:

In the Admin Order Create/Quote Create screen:



Please note that there may be some limitations with Packaging. It does not work well with complex product types like Bundle and Group. It also does not work with Quick Order.

Decimal Quantity

Need your customers to purchase a product in a quantity less than 1?

i.e.: 0.5

You can enable Decimal Quantity for specific products.

Setting Quantity Increments And Decimal Quantity Using A CSV File

You can work with the following CSV headers:

skuEnter product's SKU
qtyEnter the available amount or quantity
is_qty_decimalUse numeric value:
1 = Yes
0 = No
use_config_qty_incrementsThis refers to the global setting under Products > Settings
1 = Yes, use the qty increments defined in Products > Settings
0 = No, use the qty increments setting on the product
qty_incrementsUse numeric value:
E.g. 0.125 (if qty decimal is enabled) or
5 (if qty decimal is disabled)
enable_qty_incrementsUse numeric value:

1 = Yes
0 = No

When this is set to "1" the column for "use_config_qty_increments" needs to be "0". This means it will overwrite the global settings.
use_config_enable_quantity_incUse numeric value:

1 = Yes
0 = No

When this is set to "1" the column for "use_config_qty_increments" needs to be "0". This means it will _overwrite _the global settings.

Use to enable Packaging feature
qty_increment_labelText - set the label for the increment, i.e."Cases"
qty_unit_labelText - set the label for the unit, i.e."Bottles"

Proceed to import your CSV file under Advanced > Import & Export > Import. Index and Refresh your store if needed.


CSV Files On Mac

If you are working on a Mac computer, make sure to save your file as "Windows Comma Separated" otherwise it will be rejected by the system.