Product Essentials


The Product Essentials Block contains the essential pieces required for adding to cart on the Product Page template. This includes:

  • Pricing
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Availability Messages
  • Short Description (Overview)
  • Customizations and Variations
  • Quantity Field
  • Add To Cart button
  • Compare & Wishlist links

Go to Edit > Edit Page Content > Product Essentials



You can change things like font size, spacing, borders by clicking the "Design" button on the Product Essentials Block.



Within the Product Essentials block you will find the following settings:

  • Short Description - Hide or show the product "Overview" field
  • Reviews - Hide or show rating or reviews summary
  • Wishlist - Hide or show the link to add the product to wishlist
  • Compare Products - Hide or show the link to add the product to the compare list
  • Move Custom Options After Variations/Bundle Options - Show Customizations before or after Variations or Bundle Options
  • Additional Attributes - See Below

Additional Attributes

Additional Attributes allows you to specify attributes to show up within the Product Essentials block in specific locations. You can also specify different product attributes to show based on the customer group of the user viewing the product page.





Above Price

Shows above the prices (top of the essentials block)

Below Price

Shows directly below the last price shown on the product.

Next To Availability Message

Shows next to the "Out of Stock" message.

Above Product Options

Shows above Customizations/Variations etc...

Next to Qty Label

Shows next to the "Qty:" label above/next to the quantity field

Below Add To Cart Buton

Shows below the Add To Cart button.



In the below locations, attributes will only show if the location appears on the product page
Next To Availability Message - Attribute will only show when the "Out of Stock" message is shown (will not show when the product is in stock)
Next to Qty Label - Attribute will only show when the Qty box is shown (will not show when the product is out of stock)