Split Orders (Split Products Into Different Orders)

This feature allows an order placed on the store-front to be split into multiple orders based on the value of a custom product attribute.


Available only on certain plans

This feature is only available on certain plans and you may be required to upgrade your plan in order to use this feature.

Enable Split Order

In Orders > Settings, enable the Split Order Feature.


Set-up your "Split Order Attribute"

Utilizing Products > Attributes, you can set one attribute to be a "Split Order Attribute". The attribute must be Type = Drop Down


Then on each Value you can specify "Split Order Settings":

  • Send Email Copy To
  • Email Copy Method (BCC / Separate Email)
  • Email Template (if Separate)
  • Sender Email (if Separate)
  • Further Split Order if Item is Back-Ordered

What Happens Next

If an order on the store front-end is placed containing different values for the Split Order Attribute, the customer will be shown that their order has 2 order numbers in the Order Success screen. The orders will have the same order number but will have a -1, -2 etc... added to the end.


In the Admin, each order can be individually managed, invoiced, shipped, refunded etc...


Change Split Order Suffix

In Orders > Settings you can configure Split Order Numbers to user Letters as a suffix rather than numbers. This will make split orders have -A, -B, -C at the end of the Order number.