Translating Your Design


Translate Content, not Layout

Zoey's Design Translation allows you to translate the "Content" of your pages in Edit My Design (Text & Images only)

When editing a translation you can not re-arrange a page's layout or change any design settings such as colors or font sizes. These features will be disabled.

Translating your Homepage

You can add translations to your Homepage by going to Edit My Design > Homepage.

Change the Global View in the top right hand corner (Globe Icon) to the store view of the language that you want to translate.


You can then translate the text on your page. New images for that particular store view can also be uploaded as well.
Publish when finish.

Translating your Header & Footer

When in the store view that you wish to translate, you can also update the Header and Footer.

In the Header, you can translate the Header Navigation by clicking on Edit Header Navigation.

You can then change the Titles of each category by clicking on them to edit the text.


You can also translate the Titles of the Search, My Account, and the Shopping Cart by hovering over them and clicking on Settings.


In the Footer, translations can be made by hovering over the Text Blocks and clicking Edit Text


Be sure to Publish to see changes appear on the Frontend.

The header and footer translations will appear on all your pages.

Translating your Information Pages

All the text in your information pages such as the About Us, Customer Service, and Privacy Policy Page can also be translated as well.

Again, make sure that you change from Global View to the view you wish to translate.

Hover over your Text Blocks and click on Edit Text.

You can then add your translated text.

Publish when finished.

Translating Info Page URLs and SEO Content

In the Gear Icon, click "Page Settings".

This is where you can specify the URL, SEO Meta Title and Meta Description.

Switching to different Language Views allows you to modify the Info Page URL, SEO Meta Title and Meta Description.


Page Settings Menu Item for Changing Page URL, Title and Description


Page Settings Window