Gift Card Codes Import

If you have existing Gift Card codes or would like to create new ones in bulk, you can do this by using a CSV file import.


This tutorial refers to Gift Card codes and not Gift Card products.

To set up Gift Card products you can follow the tutorial here.

Gift Card CSV File Headers

You will need the following headers for your CSV file

codeThis is the actual Gift Card code.ABC12345677
enabledDetermines whether the gift card is active or inactive.1 (for enabled)
0 (disabled)
amountThe total amount available100
balanceThe remaining amount available70
recipient_namePerson, who receives the gift cardRose
recipient_emailEmail address of the person, who receives the gift card[email protected]
sender_namePerson, who sends the gift cardJack
sender_emailEmail address of the person, who sends the gift card[email protected]
special_messageA message for the reciepientHi Rose, enjoy the shopping!
internal_noteA message only visible for the merchant (store owner or admin)Store credit for customer Rose D.

Import Gift Card CSV File

Once you have finished your CSV file, select "Gift Cards" from the Import & Export menu (see below)


In the new window click on Choose File and upload the CSV file.

Example CSV File