Inventory Locations

Zoey has the ability to manage your products in multiple Inventory Locations.


This feature must first be enabled by Zoey Support. Create a ticket to enable Inventory Locations for your store.

Inventory Location Settings

To begin using multiple Inventory Locations you must first have this feature enabled by Zoey Support.

After which, you can enable it in your store in Products > Settings > Inventory Locations

Inspect and adjust these settings to provide the desired experience for your customers. Each setting has a helpful tool-tip to explain what it controls.

  • Enable Product Location Selection
    When set to Yes, Customers can select an Inventory Location when adding a Product to a Cart.
  • Overwrite Item QTYs
    When set to Yes, Out of Stock checks for Products will use the Quantity from available Inventory Locations instead of Product Quantity
  • Auto Assign Products
    When set to Yes, if there is only one Inventory Location for a Product, it will automatically be assigned when the Product is added to a Cart.

Adding an Inventory Location

Navigate to Products > Inventory Locations and click Add Inventory Location.

Inspect the settings detailed below and set them for your new Inventory Location.

Inventory Location Settings
Location NameEnter a name for your inventory location, for example, "Northeast Warehouse"
EnabledSelect Yes to enable
Show QTY on Product PageSelecting Yes will display this locations quantity on the product page.
Customer GroupsSelect which Customer Groups have access to this Inventory Location. If no Customer Groups are selected the Inventory Location will be available for all Customer Groups.

Add Product Inventory Manually

After saving your Inventory Location, add products and enter the quantity for each by clicking on Add Products.


Item quantities at your Inventory Locations can also be updated via API or CSV import!

Add Product Inventory via Import or DataMapper

Stock quantity for your Inventory Locations can be set through import or the Zoey API.

The column headers for this import are as follows:

skuinventory_location_East Coastinventory_location_West Coast
  • Inventory Location names are case sensitive and should include any spaces.


You can also use the Zoey API or one of our existing DataMapper integrations to keep Inventory Location stock in sync.

Split Orders by Inventory Location

This feature allows an order placed on the store-front to be split into multiple orders based on Inventory Locations.

Split Order Settings
Use Letter SuffixWhen set to Yes, split order numbers will append -A, -B, -C... instead of -1, -2, -3
Split ModeInventory Location
Split Backorder ItemsDo Not Split Backorders
Only If Order Can Be Split
Always Split Backorders
Show Message If Order Will Be SplitDo Not Show
Admin and Storefront
Admin Only
Storefront Only
Only Split ShipmentsWhen set to Yes, only Shipping rates will be calculated for each split quote. Only a single order will be created.