Shopping Cart Settings

Shopping Cart Settings

All of the options related to the Add to Cart function, Mini-Cart, and Shopping Cart Page can be found by going to Web Settings > Cart Settings > Shopping Cart Settings.

Enable Ajax Add to CartThis setting lets Add-To-Cart occur without a page refresh. This is a nicer user experience. Set to NO if you would like Add-To-Cart redirect customers to the Shopping Cart.
Enable Quick ViewYes to enable quick view of products.
Show Continue Shopping ButtonContinue Shopping Button will appear on the Cart Page at the top next to the Proceed To Checkout button.
Continue Shopping Button LogicDecide between one of the three settings:
Go to Previous Page
Go to Homepage
* Go to Most Recently Added Product Page
Number of Days to Save Shopping CartNumber of days that a customer's shopping cart will be saved before it is automatically emptied.
Grouped Product Image in CartSet which image will appear in the shopping cart. The Group Product image, or individual product images. It is recommended to use the individual product image.
Configurable Product Image in CartSet which image will appear in the shopping cart. It is recommended to use the Parent image unless each associated simple product has an image.
Allow Discount Codes * Yes to allow a customer to enter discount codes. No will hide the discount code field.
Allow Giftcards Yes to allow a customer to enter gift cards.
No will hid the gift cards field.
Show Empty Cart Button.When set, customers can empty their entire cart with one click.
Hide Shipping and Tax EstimatorSetting to No will show the Shipping and Tax Estimator tool on the Shopping Cart Page.

Checkout Information

You can add information which will be displayed at checkout within Web Settings > Cart Settings > Checkout Information.

You can set where the information is displayed, and to which Customer Groups.

Click Add Information to configure additional Checkout Information sections.