Sales Prices


Sales Price Display

A sales rule displays the original price of a product in the category pages, product pages, and product blocks in strikethrough, while showing the reduced sales price to side it.
You can set a different color and font size for the sales price from within your Design Editor.


BEFORE you promote a rule make sure to test it!

Add a new Sales Rule

In your Control Panel go to Promotions > Sales and click on Add New Sale in the top right of the page.

Fill in the Sale Information fields:

Rule Name & Description These are for internal reference only and are not shown to customers.
Status Set to active or inactive. Unless you set a specific time frame, the rule keeps the status that you set.
Website If managing multiple store views (languages), select the websites where this rule applies.
Customer GroupsSelect for the rule to apply to specific customer groups.
From Date and To Date Set a date range for the rule to take effect. If you leave the date range empty, then the rule is enabled as it is saved.
Priority Field if you have several promotions running at the same time, enter a number to state the priority of this rule. Enter 0 for the highest priority, 1 for the second highest priority, and so on.

Set the Conditions

Under Conditions you can define where the sales prices should apply. A few common examples:

Sitewide sales, no restrictionsLeave the Conditions empty and all products will show sales prices.
Category sale pricesYou can select specific categories only by selecting "If ANY of these conditions are TRUE:
Category is one of ... "
Sale prices for specific productsIf only a few SKUs should be on sale you can also select "If ANY of these conditions are TRUE:
SKU is one of ... "


Any area in bold is editable by clicking on it.


Apply Actions

In the panel on the left, select the Actions tab.

In the Apply field, select one of the following options:

By Percentage of the Original Price Subtracts the discount amount from the original product price. (Exampe $10 is the original price, 10% off is $1, shows the sales price of $9)
By Fixed Amount Discounts the item by subtracting a fixed amount from the original price.
To Percentage of the Original Price Discounts the item by defining the final price based on a percentage. (Example: $10 is the original price, 10% to the price is $9, displays a sales price of $1).
To Fixed Amount Discounts the item by defining the final price to a fixed amount.
  • Discount Amount: Enter a numeric value only, such as 10 for 10%.

  • Enable Discount to Subproducts: Yes will allow you to apply the rule to the variations (child products) of your configurable products.

  • Stop Further Rules Processing:
    Yes: Stops processing other rules (Only the sale with the highest priority will be shown)
    No: Other rules continue to be processed (Additional sales can be compounded)


Saving the Rule

Click Save and Apply button to save your changes and apply the rule.
If you click on Save or Save and Continue Edit the sales prices will not show in the frontend!
NOTE: You may need to index your store to see the sales prices.


Sales rules do not work with Grouped or Bundled products!

You can only set a sales price for the individual simple products assigned to a grouped or bundled product.