Downloadable Product Options

These are global settings for your downloadable products.

Order Item Status to Enable Downloads


When set to Pending files can be downloaded immediately after placing the order. Invoiced will allow the download after the order is invoiced, meaning that the payment has been captured.

Default Maximum Number of Downloads

Numeric value like 10

Will set a global number as of how many times a customer can download the product.



Only set to Yes if you do want to allow for your customers to share the link. This means that when shared any other person is not paying for the product.

Default Sample Title

Enter the default title for samples

Default Link Title

Enter the default title for links

Open Links in New Window


Yes will open the link in a new window or tab. No will open it within the same tab.

Use Content-Disposition


When set to Inline the browser attempts to open the file in a browser window. When set to Attachment it will force the browser to open a “Save As” dialog.

Disable Guest Checkout if Cart Contains Downloadable Items


This should be set to No, as downloadable products require user authentication, which guest checkout can't provide.