Importing Images


In this tutorial you will be guided through the following Image Import processes:
##Adding Image to Products
Importing images onto products that have no images
##Adding More Images to Products
Adding additional images to Products that already have images
##Replacing Product Images
Replacing all existing images on Products with new images
##Replacing Some Images
Replacing some, but not all existing images on Products with new images

Note: Scroll to the bottom to navigate to our guide for each import process above.

Before You begin

Before you begin, it is important to understand the three below concepts:

  • Image Types
  • Image Locations
  • Import Types

Image Types

There are two main Image types that you can import images to on your products.



CSV Column

Main Image

The main image that will appear first and on all product locations in your store (category page, product page, shopping cart, checkout, emails, and featured/new product lists)


Gallery Image

Also called "Media Images" These are additional images that will display only on the Product Page below or next to the Main Image.


Image Locations

Before starting your import, you will need to have your product images stored in either of two locations:

Uploaded to Zoey

  • If you have your product images in a folder on your computer, you will need to upload them to your Zoey Store. Click Product Images from the Import & Export menu (see below)

Images live elsewhere (DropBox/External Server/URL)

Import Types

There are 3 Import Types you will encounter when in the Advanced > Import & Export > Import Screen (See Below)

Append Complex Data

To be used when adding images without removing the images that are already there

Replace Existing Complex Data

To be used for replacing all images with the new images in your CSV

Delete Entities

DO NOT USE - This will delete any product in the CSV

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