Linking Simple Products to Configurable Products as Variations

When creating or editing a Configurable Product, existing simple products may be linked as Variations.

Step 1: Define Variation Attributes and Click "Link Products"

The Variations section of the Configurable Product Edit Screen has a "Link Products" button.



You must define Variation Attributes before simple products can be linked.

Step 2: Find and Select Products To Link

Clicking the "Link Products" button will open a window and load any simple products from your catalog that have values set for the custom attributes assigned to the configurable product.


From here, you can select, or multi-select and add these products to your Configurable Product as Variations.

Step 3: Save the Configurable Product

Products will not be linked until you click "Save" on the Configurable Product.

What’s Next

How to do this with a CSV Import: