Zoey EDI

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents, such as purchase orders and invoices, in a standard electronic format between business partners. Zoey customers are typically asked to take Orders via EDI from larger businesses such as big retail chains, government, hospital, industrial trade partners.

Does Zoey do EDI?

Zoey is not an EDI provider. We do not supply the technology or integrations needed to take EDI orders from your Customers (Trade Partners). However, Zoey can be integrated with any of the top EDI Solutions or VANs (Value Added Networks) such as SPS Commerce, TrueCommerce, OpenText, EZcom/Lingo etc...

How does EDI work?

EDI is not one specific software, file type or set of rules. It is a set of standards that guides the safe/secure transfer of business documents electronically. A buyer (Trade Partner) will connect their purchasing software or ERP system to an EDI provider/network that will allow their software to format, encrypt and send documents such as a purchase orders, shipping labels or invoices, to a secure location. The provider/network will then allow the buyer to have authorized sellers/recipients (you) to retrieve the files, translate (decrypt) them, and ingest the documents into their own software for Order processing.

Who does EDI?

There are dozens of VANs, Providers and EDI Integration Partners. Some handle the full end-to-end receipt and transfer of the documents, some have a large network of retail partners that are pre-connected, and others specialize in custom integration with various softwares. Think of EDI as a 3rd party that sits between your buyer's software and your seller software (Zoey, NetSuite, Quickbooks etc...)

How do I get started with EDI?

Taking EDI orders starts with your customer. Big Box retailers and other large businesses will typically dictate their preferred VAN, or they will have to provide their "EDI Specs". They may also tell you what software they use for sending EDI orders. To clarify, this part of the process is not something you control. It will be your responsibility as the seller to integrate with your customer's EDI providers, or to build a custom integration to their specifications.

If your customer asks for you to take EDI orders, your first question to them should be "Who do you connect with for EDI?". This will get one of two responses:

  • We connect to [EDI VAN/Provider i.e. SPS Commerce]. - Great! your next step is to contact SPS Commerce and let them know you've been asked by your trade partner (you can mention them by name) to take POs via EDI.
  • We don't have a preferred provider, we utilize many or can provide our EDI Spec. - First, try asking if they do integrate already with any VANs such as SPSCommerce, TrueCommerce, EZcom, OpenText etc... If the answer is no, then ask for their EDI Spec. You will need to contact one of the aforementioned or any of the dozens of EDI integration partners who will ask for the EDI Spec, Industry, and what software you need to bring the Orders into.

How do I get EDI Orders into Zoey?

Once you know how and where your customer EDI Orders are going (see above), you will want to contact both Zoey and the VAN/EDI Provider about using the Zoey Rest API to transmit the EDI orders to. You will be asked to provide the Zoey API documentation that can be found here: https://apidocs.zoey.com/

There are 2 ways to get the Orders into Zoey.

  1. The VAN/Provider will give you a quote to build the connection to the Zoey API, or
  2. Zoey will need to build the connection with the VAN/Provider's API - Zoey will provide a quote to build the connection.

At this point, please contact Zoey Support with all of the information about the EDI provider and we can discuss next steps.

What does this cost?

Setup Fee

The VAN/EDI Provider will have setup fees which will vary with the number of trade partners you need to connect. It can range from a one-time $4-500 fee for a single pre-connected trade partner to several thousand dollars for multiple or custom connections. There may be other one-time fees associated with different encryptions or services needed for different trade partners.

Subscription Fee

The VAN/EDI Provider may also have a software for managing your EDI orders. Subscription fees could be $100/mo or more.

Transaction Fees

Depending on the transaction type (Drop-ship or Direct), the document types (Order, Invoice, Shipping Label etc...) and transaction volume, pricing per transaction can vary from $0.40 to $2 per transaction. It's important to note that one Purchase Order could be comprised of 3 transactions, meaning it's possible one PO could have a transaction fee of $6.

Zoey Costs

Unless you are contracting the EDI provider to build the connection via Zoey's REST API, Zoey could charge a setup fee to connect a VAN or EDI Partner that is not currently supported. The cost could be one-time, added to your baseline subscription, or a combination of the two. Please contact us for more details.