Configurable Product Advanced Pricing

Fixed And Custom Pricing

Configurable Products have two types of Pricing.

Fixed PricingAll variations will have the same Price, Special Price, Group Price and Tier Price
Custom PricingEach variation can have it's own Price, Special Price, Group Price ad Tier Price. Aside from the "Default Price", all pricing must be managed on the variations.

Default Price

Default Price is only applicable when Price Type = Custom

The default price is what will show to your users on the category page, search results, and when they land on the product page before selecting variations.

Custom Pricing

When Price Type = Custom, you can specify pricing for each Variation using the Variations interface.


Variations Interface


Zoomed In (Pricing Options for 1 Variation, or Update All Variations)

If you would like to update all prices, you can click "Update All"


Update All variations

If you would like to specify a Special Price, Group Price or Tier Price for a singe, or group of variations, you can click the "Options" button.


Pricing Options for 1 Variation

Group And Tier (Step) Pricing

Group and Tier pricing in Fixed and Custom mode behave the same for all products.

Click here to learn more about Group and Tier (Step) Pricing

Note: When using Custom Pricing, Special, Group and Tier prices will only show once a Variation is selected by the customer.