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Converting To A New Header

What Is A New Header

Design 2.0 introduces full-functioning header blocks: an entire header with all the pieces in a single block. If you are using a theme that does not have a new header or would like to upgrade your existing theme by adding a new header, you can follow the steps below.

How To Convert Your Header

The video below shows you how to convert the header of an older theme to a new header.

Step 1 - Identify And Select Your Header

This could be trickier than it sounds, but fortunately, when you right-click anywhere in the header you will have the "Layers" option inside of our context menu. This is important because some themes have full-width Boxes that completely cover the header making it difficult to click on. So, inside the Layers menu, you will be able to select the header.

Step 2 - Click "Change Header"

Once your header is selected you will see an option either by right-clicking or locate the "Quick Action" buttons (see video) to select "Change Header". This will open the New Headers menu.

Step 3 - Choose A New Header

From the New Headers menu, you will be able to select a New Header. Click on it and your header will be converted. The new Header will take default colors and font sizes from your Theme Fonts & Colors settings.

Step 4 (Optional) - Customize Your New Header

Once converted, click on the header again. Then using the right-click menu or quick action buttons to select "Edit" or "Design" to open the CMS or Design windows.

Converting To A New Header

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