eWay Rapid 3.1 (v1.4.1)

Re-enabling eWAy after the April 25 Upgrade

Step 1: Go to your Admin Panel, navigate to Setup > Payments
Step 2: Click the "Set-up" button for eWAY Rapid 3.1
Step 3: Set "Enabled" to YES and click SAVE
Step 4: Click Advanced > Refresh Your Store
Step 5: Test your Checkout


Video here: https://www.screencast.com/t/2wrZmyfyx

Setting Up Your eWay App

Step 1: Get the App

To get the eWay App, visit: zoey.com/apps/eway-rapid
Here you can click "Get App" and add the App to your store.

Step 2: Enter your eWAY API Credentials and Enable

You can find the API Credentials in the My Account>API Keys section of your eWay admin. Paste the API Key, Password and Encryption Key into your Zoey eWay App settings.
Click Save


eWay Admin left, Zoey Admin right

Step 3: Enable the Payment Method

In Setup>Payments you'll see two sections for the eWAY app. One where you enter your API credentials and configure the settings and another where you can enable the method for your Checkout.


If both are not enabled, eWay will not appear in your checkout.


Step 4: Refresh Your Store and Test

After you have saved your API Credentials and enabled the payment method, click Advanced > Refresh Your Store

Once this is complete, please test your checkout to ensure everything is working correctly.