Facebook Login

Getting Started as Facebook Developer

To register as Facebook Developer go to the Facebook Developer page and clicking on "Get Started" in the top right.



You can also go to your Facebook Account Settings and click on the "Developer" link at the very bottom of the page.

Once registered you will be prompted to Create App ID.


If you are already registered you would go to Facebook Developer, click on "Apps" and select "Add a New App". Enter the display name and your contact email address, then hit Create App ID.

Product Set-Up

You will be prompted to a new page to set up the product. Click on + Add Product and Get Started next to Facebook Login.


In the next page select Web/ WWW:


In the left hand navigation click on Settings > Basic to view this page:


Under App Domains enter your store URL (domain), enter your Contact Email address (if not pre-populated), then click on + Add Platform at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If you have already the website simply save the changes.

Next go to "Dashboard" in the menu on the left-hand side and copy the App ID and the App Secret to your clipboard (or any note or text document).


Valid OAuth Redirect URIs

You will need to list the following as a Valid OAuth Redirect URIs in order for the Facebook Login to properly work:



How to Configure Facebook API for Zoey

Before getting started you need to set your Facebook application to Public by going to App Review and change the toggle to Yes.


Go to you Zoey site and navigate to Apps. From there you will need to add the Facebook and Twitter login to your apps list.
Once added click on Manage:



You can now enable the Facebook and Twitter Login and set the other feature settings accordingly.


Social Share

Enable the Social Share Popup, give it a Title and Message.



Enable the Facebook Login, enter your App ID and App Secret obtained in your Facebook Developer Settings > Basic.



Ask for Birthday

If you set Ask for Birthday to Yes you will need to submit your app for review.

Save the changes by clicking on Save Config in the top right of the page.