Importing Accounts

File Format

  • company_id - Leave blank if you are creating a new company. Required for editing/updating existing companies. You can get the company ID by first exporting your company by selecting it and clicking Bulk Actions > Export Company Data
  • company_name - Name of the Company
  • company_status - Set to 1 for "Active". Set to 0 for "Inactive"
  • company_manager_email_setting - Set to 0 for "Always Receive All Location Emails", Set to 1 for "Do Not Receive Location Emails"
  • company_manager - Enter emails (one per row) for any customers that are to be assigned as Company Managers.
  • company_shipping_method - Enter allowed shipping methods, 1 per row - Learn More Here
  • company_payment_method - Enter allowed payment methods, 1 per row - Learn More Here


Click on the Import/Export menu, then select "Company"

Then you can upload your CSV file, check the data, and import.


Licenses Required

In order to enable companies, you must have an adequate number of licenses. If you do not, companies will remain Inactive.