Adding A Pop-Up To Your Storefront


There are many other options for presenting important information on your store.

Banners, Slideshows, Checkout Information, and more!

Creating your Pop-Up outside of Zoey

Within Zoey we do not have a default web object that acts as a pop-up. You will need to create this elsewhere. There are many companies online which offer no-code pop-up templates. A quick Google Search for Pop-Up Templates will return you a couple of options. Many of these companies also provide tools for managing leads who click on the pop-up.

They are many no-code solutions offered by these third party platforms. Allowing you to configure your pop-up on their platform and copy the resulting HTML and JavaScript into Zoey.

Adding your Pop-Up to Zoey

Now that you have your Pop-Up created, you can add it to your storefront. How you do this will depend on the code provided by the service you used to create the pop-up.

You'll add the pop-up code in Theme > Asset Manager. There is more to consider when using the Asset Manager. Please read through the Manage Assets Knowledgebase.