Quote PDFs

Printing Quote PDF

PDFs can be generated or sent to the customer anytime by clicking "Print PDF"


Buttons to Generate PDF from Admin

After clicking "Print PDF" you will be presented with a dialog box to save your PDF file. Click Save and you can then chose where on your computer to save it and rename the file if you like.


Print PDF Dialog Box


Your Product Prices may not appear in the Quote PDF

The PDF will be a representation of what the customer can see on the Quote as configured in Quotes Settings. That means pricing may not be visible on the PDF until the Quote is in the Quote Available Status.


Learn how to configure Quotes settings here.

Configure your Quote PDFs

In Quotes > PDF Settings you can configure the contents of your Quote PDFs.

Quote PDFs contain many settings similar to other PDFs. But the Quote PDFs can be configured on their own, without effecting your Order PDFs.

Notable settings for Quote PDFs

  • Templates
    Allows you to choose between Modern and Classic PDF design. View Templates Here
  • Item Attributes To Show
    Enables you to add attributes to be displayed in the Quote PDFs for each item.
  • Header Text, Above Items Text, and Ending Message
    Let you add messages to be displayed on your Quote PDFs.
  • Show Email Address
    Set to No if you do not want the Customer's emails address to be displayed.