Troubleshooting Blog

Posts are not showing up under Blog > Posts

Make sure you have the blog Enabled under Zoey Web > Blog > Settings.

Unable to Edit the Blog Page Design

Currently it is not possible to customize the design or layout of the Blog page or the Blog Posts. We are working on having this feature soon.

Can you Import a Blog from Another Site into Blog Section?

It's unfortunately not possible to import your blog section. You can either manually rebuild your blog post on Zoey or you can create a link from your Zoey Store to your Blog by using a custom link.

You can add a link to your Navigation from Zoey Web > Theme: Select any page and edit your Header & Navigation. Under Navigation you can click on "Add Link" and set the name/title for the link, then add the full URL to redirect to your Blog.

Header Overlapping the Blog Page

  1. To fix this issues, go to Zoey Web > Theme and open the homepage.
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right, then select Layout Settings and uncheck the box for "Allow Header and Body to Overlap in Non-Editable Pages".
  3. Save and publish the changes.

Only 5 Blog Posts Are Shown

You can change the Blog Settings to display more or less than 5 posts by going to Zoey Web > Blog > Settings > Menu and Links. There you can change the number under Recent Posts.

Blog Category Links don't work

If the blog category links take you to a 404 Page (Page does not exist), go to your Blog > Categories and make sure there are no empty spaces or special characters in the category title.