CSV Files

In this article you will find a guide to the various columns and their uses found in your CSV files.


Note that these are case-sensitive and values should not be capitalized unless you have made them that way such as a Category Name or Attribute value.

skuAs this suggests, your product's SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) goes here! This must be a Unique value.100123
_typeWhat type of product is this? Your options are: simple, configurable, virtual, downloadable, grouped or bundle.simple
_categoryThe Category and Subcategories that this product will live inMen/Outerwear/Overcoat
sort_orderTo sort the Products within Categories.
costThe cost for the vendor. Does not apply to Bundle or Group products.3.41
descriptionThe long description with detailed information regarding the product.
Note that HTML in this field will often return an error! For CSV updates, use plain text.
Sourced from local farmers and made with all organic components...
imageLink to your already uploaded image. You will also find Small and Thumbnail to set these images apart from the base image.
Note that you can not upload your images through a CSV file.
image_labelThe label that will appear when one hovers over the imageSeafoam Green
meta_descriptionInformation or short sentences that helps describe your product's page to search engines.Wool sweaters just in time for the holidays!
meta_keywordWords that help describe your page to search engines.Wool
meta_titleTitle to describe your page to search engines.Wool Sweaters
minimal_priceYour "As Low As" Price9.99
msrpManufacturer's Suggested Retail Price49.99
nameYour Product's nameUnisex Dinosaur Socks - TRex
priceWhat the customer sees as the price10
short_descriptionThe shorter description that appears to the right of the Product Image on the Product page.10% Recycled cardboard, please see additional information for more on our sources.
special_priceSale Price for an item, not associated with a catalog sale1.99
special_from_dateBeginning dates for the special price (Sale Price)YYYY-MM-DD
special_to_dateEnd dates for the special price (Sale Price)YYYY-MM-DD
statusIs the product Enabled or Disabled? Enabled is 1, Disabled, 21
tax_class_idTax code if you sell taxable goods (2) or charge for shipping (4). For non taxable goods use 02
url_pathThe URL key that will show up after youstorename.com/maxi-dress-and-jacket
visibilityHow will the customer be able to view this item? Catalog & Search, Not Visible Individually?
Visible in Catalog and Search = 4
Visible in Catalog = 2
Visible in Search = 3
Not visible individually = 1
weightThe weight of the item to be used with your shipping calculations..05
qtyHow many of this product do you have in stock?100
min_qtyWhen the item's stock reaches this number, it will become out of stock.0
is_qty_decimalChoose whether the product can be sold using decimals (e.g., you can buy 2.5 product)
0 for no, 1 for yes
display_child_skuWhether the SKU displayed on the Product Page should show the Variation SKU selected0 = No
1= True
min_sale_qtyMinimum number of items in the shopping cart to be sold0
max_sale_qtyMaximum number of items in the shopping cart to be sold100
is_in_stockDefines whether the product is available for selling (0 - Out of Stock, 1 - In Stock)1
notify_stock_qtyThe number of inventory items below which the customer will be notified via the RSS feed5
use_config_manage_stockChoose whether to view and specify the product quantity and availability and whether the product is in stock management( 0 - No, 1 - Yes)1
stock_status_changed_autoDefines whether products can be automatically returned to stock when the refund for an order is created ( 0 - No, 1 - Yes)0
qty_incrementsThe product quantity increment value1
enable_qty_incrementsDefines whether the customer can add products only in increments to the shopping cart ( 0 - No, 1 - Yes)0
is_decimal_dividedDefines whether the stock items can be divided into multiple boxes for shipping.
zoey_product_skip_shippingDefines whether a Configurable Product or its individual Variations should skip shipping. To enable this feature go to Product->Settings->Inventory->Advanced Options and then change Enable Non-Shippable Products to "Yes". By default this will be "No".Yes
_links_related_skuThe SKU of the products you want as Related1234
_links_crosssell_skuThe SKU of the products you want as Cross Sell4567
_links_upsell_skuThe SKU of the products you want as Up Sell7890
_associated_skuThe SKUs of the Simple Products that will be linked to this bundle ProductAB-12
_associated_default_qtyDefault number for the bundle product's simple component8
display_child_skuIn a configurable product when a variation is selected what is the behavior with respect to the SKU displayed Do not display Variation SKU
Show Variation SKU in the Product Page
* Replace parent SKU with the variation SKU
zoey_default_variationThe default variation to show when a configurable product is first loadedVariation Product ID - Where Variation Product ID is the Entity ID which you can get by exporting your Products or looking at the Product ID in the Admin - see image below
zb2b_product_atq_restrictedHide Add To Quote button for this product. Yes - hide, No - don't hide.Yes
zb2b_product_restrictedEnable Product Restriction for this product. Product will be hidden based on B2B > Product Restrictions for the below groups.Yes
zb2b_restricted_prod_groupsMulti-select customer groups to apply restriction to. Leave blank for all.Customer Group NAME
i.e. "Wholesale"
zoey_add_to_cart_qtyDefault quantity to be displayed in the quantity box on a product pageNumerical value, example: 1
Tier & Group pricing information.
We highly recommend setting up a sample / test run product with this information from your control Panel before you start on updating this through CSV
Custom Option information.
We highly recommend setting up a sample / test run product with this information from your control Panel before you start on updating this through CSV

_super_attribute_price_corr - Deprecated. Do not use.
Configurable Product Information.
We highly recommend setting up a sample / test run product with this information from your control Panel before you start on updating this through CSV. You should have one already set up in your store as test information.

You may have other attributes in here such as color, size, country_of_manufacture, manufacturer. All of these will be determined on the Attribute Set that you are using as well as the Attributes you have already set up.

Item ends with _position. Set a number to decide which choice will come first, second, third and so on.


User Default Settings

Any line that begins with useconfig you can enter as "Use config" to use your default settings.



Using HTML in your CSV files may cause issues with the import itself or the imported data. Please note the Support Team is not able to troubleshoot or assist with issues related to HTML in CSV files.