Order Filters (Advanced Search)


The Order List allows the Admin User to filter orders by any attribute value including Custom Order Attributes.


Creating a Filter

Filters may be created in two ways. By clicking the Filter Icon on a column when hovering over the column header (see below)


Or by clicking "Advanced" next to the search bar, then searching for the name of an Attribute (search criteria).


Once an Attribute is selected, the User may continue to enter the remaining filter criteria, then click "Apply Filter".


Multiple Attributes and multiple criteria may be stacked in a filter. Click "Add Filter" (see above), then select if the filter should be Subtractive (AND) or Additive (OR).


Once all criteria are entered, click "Apply Filter.
Active filters will be listed below the search bar and can be removed by clicking "Clear" or by individually clicking the "x" on each filter.


Saving Filters

Filters may be "Saved" by creating them as "Tabs"
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