Catalog Settings

The Catalog Settings refer to your category pages and product display on the frontend.


The Catalog Settings are complementary global settings to the available design settings in Web Settings > Product Settings > Catalog.

List Mode

Grid OnlyThe Category Page (Category List Block) will display products in a grid only.
List OnlyThe Category Page (Category List Block) will display products only as a list.
Grid (default)/ ListThe Category Page (Category List Block) will display products by default as a grid with the option to change it to the list mode.
List (default)/ GridThe Category Page (Category List Block) will display products by default as a list with the option to change it to a grid.

Products per Page on Grid Allowed Values

By default it is set to display 12,16,24, or 36 products per page. You can however change it to any other amount, such as 15, 20, 30, etc.
In Edit My Design you can select in how many columns you want to display the product grid.

Products per Page on Grid Default Value

This is the amount of products displayed by default in the product grid. If set to 12 your customer will see by default 12 products per page unless they change it to another number.
Note: The default value needs to be an allowed value!

Display Out of Stock Products


This setting only applies to displaying products in Category lists. To remove Out of Stock Products from being accessed by their URL directly you will need to change the Visibility of the Product. Also see Inventory Management.

Product List Sorting

Top ProductRefers to the best selling products
NameSorts products alphabetically
Price: Low to HighSorts products according to the lowest price
Price: High to LowSorts products according to the highest price
Products On Sale On TopPuts the products on sale first
Newest on TopAutomatically adds new products on top


You can add other attributes to this list by going to your Products > Attributes and set the attribute you want to Allow Customers to Sort Products by this Attribute.

There are settings to control how your catalog is sorted in Web Settings > Product Settings > Catalog > Sorting.

  • Sort Out of Stock Products To The Bottom
  • Enable Sort Products by Inventory
    Enable "Inventory Low to High" and "Inventory High to Low" category sorting options on the store front. These options will only sort simple products.
  • Product Listing Sort By
  • Product Listing Sort Direction
  • Sort SKU as Numeric
  • Sort By Products On Sale On Top
    When set to 'Products With Sale Price First', products which have a Sale Price listed will be sorted above products which would be discounted by Promotions > Sales Rules.

Inventory Report

Designed as a front end feature to enable your customers to download a list of products within a category, the Inventory Report may be added to your store and downloaded to a CSV from any category page.

To enable the Inventory Report on your store, navigate to Web Settings > Products Settings > Catalog and scroll down to Inventory Report

Set enable Inventory report Download to Yes. You may set this per Customer Group if you don't want it to be available to all groups.

You may add more Attributes to the report. And Save.

Product Listing Sort Direction

You can set it to Ascending or Descending. If you have the Sort Order By set to "Name" and "Ascending" it will sort from A to Z, whereas "Descending" will sort from Z to A.

Enable Price Filters on Category Pages

If set to Yes it will show the Price as a filter option with the price ranges.

Placeholder Image

Upload a placeholder image that will display on category and product pages whenever a product doesn't have a Main Image assigned.

Maximum Number Of Subcategories In Header Navigation

By default this is set to 3. While you can increase the number please note this can affect the speed of your store.