Importing Categories

You can import categories into your Zoey Store using a CSV file.


Export First

It will be much easier to work with this data if you first Export your Categories. See for more information

Access the Categories CSV tool from the Import & Export Menu (see below)


Columns And Headers


All columns must be in the CSV for the import to work.

ColumnDescriptionValues Required
category_idLeave blank if you are creating new categories.

If you are modifying categories, this must be filled in correctly or a new category will be created.
Required for modifying categories, must be blank for creating new categories.
category_nameAvoid HTML or special characters
Name is also used for SEO meta_title automatically

If you want a new category to be a child of another category (like >Mens>Shirts) you must put the category_id of the Mens category into the parent_category_id field of the Shirts category. This can be done when creating the category when modifying it.

Category IDs can be found by going to Advanced > Import/Export > Categories and exporting your categories.
Required for creating & modifying, otherwise it will move the category.
is_active1 = yes, 0 = noRequired
descriptionThis is the Category Description that can be added to your Category Template using the drag & drop design editor.Required as a column header even if no row data is put in.
meta_keywordsWhat Search Engines will read as the Keywords to use
meta_titleWhat Search Engines will read as the Title to use for this Category
meta_descriptionFor SEO purposes (limit to 255 characters)
design_templateThe values for this column is the Label for the category template in Edit My Design. i.e. Category or Category - New Template
*note - case sensitive
include_in_navigationInclude this category in the Header Navigation (as long as categories are enabled for the header navigation in your theme)
1= yes, 0 = no
is_anchor"Is Anchor" is code for: Show products from all child categories.
1= yes, 0 = no
url_keyThe URL String of the Category (for example mens would be
default_sort_byThis is the default sort order of the category products:
Or custom attribute code for any attribute that is used for sorting.
available_sort_byLeave blank for All, or specify with comma separated values. i.e.:
imageImages must first be uploaded to your File Manager (Advanced > File Manager). Then use the full URL from the file manager for this column.
thumbnailImages must first be uploaded to your File Manager (Advanced > File Manager). Then use the full URL from the file manager for this column.

Example Import File

See example import file here:

How To Import Categories


Start by exporting your categories and use the CSV file as a template.

You are going to want to import in multiple steps.

  1. Import your Top Level Categories - this will allow you to export a list of the top-level category IDs

  2. Create an Import CSV file for "Sub-Categories" or child categories. It's the same format, but you will fill in the parent_category_id fields from step 1 into the rows of the categories you are going to create in this step.

  3. Repeat step 2 if you have 3 or more sub-levels of categories (like Mens > Shirts > Polos)