Troubleshooting Shipping

Trying to place a test order and getting the dreaded "No Shipping Method Found" although you are using an address you ship to? Here are some of the most common reasons for this error while using FedEx, UPS & USPS.

Where to Begin


Orders > Settings > Shipping Origin

Make sure the Shipping Origin section is filled out. FedEx and USPS will pull the rates from the zip code that you provide in this section.

Make sure your shipping method is set to "Enabled for Checkout - Yes".

If you are live and using live rather than test credentials, make sure you have Mode set to Live and Sandbox set to No.

Double check that you have the correct Shipping Origin in place (Orders > Settings > Shipping Origin).

Make sure every product has a weight assigned to it.

If you've got all of those covered and have double checked the settings like allowed countries, maximum weights, and shipping methods, it's time to move on to check if your credentials are correct.


The items you need from FedEx are:

  • Account ID
  • Meter Number
  • Key
  • Password

If you have not yet signed up for a account, sign up for one here.
You must also register for a FedEx Web Services Account. When you register for the FedEx Web Services Account, you must provide the account number from your account.

To obtain your FedEx account information:

  • Log into your FedEx account
  • Select Learn > Developer Resource Center from the menu bar:
  • Select Technical Resources > FedEx Web Services for Shipping > Move to Production from the left navigation:
  • Click on Obtain Production Key at the bottom of the Move to Production page.
  • Accept the licensing agreement and enter your contact info.
  • Your Authentication Key (FedEx Key #) and Meter Number (FedExMeter #) are displayed at the bottom of the Confirmation page. You will also receive an email from FedEx containing other necessary information. Save your authentication key and confirmation email from FedEx in a secure location


Authentication Key

The authentication key is only visible online and will not be included in the confirmation email from FedEx.


UPS is a special case, you can use one of two UPS Types, United Parcel Service or United Parcel Service XML. If you want to connect your store to your UPS account and access any special rates you have with them, you will need to use the XML version.

The items you need from UPS XML are:

  • Password
  • User ID
  • Access License Number

You will need to register here to obtain this information and request the Access Key.


The items you need from USPS are:

  • User ID
  • Password

Please note these are for your WebTools account which you can register for here if you have not already.

After you have checked all of the above, saved the configuration, done a store refresh, and run another test order, you should be able to complete the checkout and proceed past shipping.