How to Merge Accounts


There is not currently a feature to merge accounts. It must be done manually by following the steps outlined below.


If your customer has multiple shipping locations that you are working to combine into one Account using Account Locations, make sure that the correct Contacts are being linked to the right Account Location.

Learn more about Account Locations here.

How to Merge Accounts

If you have multiple Accounts which belong to the same customer, you might look to combine the Account's Contacts and Orders into one.

This can be done in a few steps:

1. Change Account on each Order

After determining which Account will contain all Orders and Contacts, you will need to start moving the existing orders from one Account to the other. You can change the Account an order is associated with from inside the Order screen.

In the Account Information section you can click Change Account/Customer to select the new Account or Account Location for the Order.

2. Add Contacts to new Account

Contacts that already exist on an Account can be easily added to another. To do this, go to the Account you wish to add the Contacts to. Then switch to the Contacts tab and click Add Contact.

In the Add Contact menu that appears you can click Select Existing Contact to search for, and select, the existing Contact to add it to its new Account.

3. Delete Contacts from their Previous Account

After adding the Contacts to their new Accounts, you can remove them from their previous Account.

To do so, select all the Accounts from within the Contacts tab of previous Account. In the Bulk Actions drop-down you will find the option to delete them.

4. Delete Previous Account

After ensuring all Contacts, Orders, and any other information is migrated to the new Account for your customer, you may delete their empty duplicate Account.