URLs End Numbers

URLs in Zoey are defined by a field in the product called "URL Key". This is an automatically generated value based on the product name but editable by you. In the event that two products have the same name, Zoey will automatically append a number at the end of the URL Key to make it unique. Always use a unique URL Key for every single SKU, page or category regardless if it is visible or not.


Export the affected products to generate a CSV file. Once you have the CSV file remove all columns except: sku, url_key, url_path

With the remaining data, fix the url_key and url_path - for example any item that has a duplicate URL Key or has a trailing number in the url path (the -1 or -2 and so on) needs to have that removed.

When finished, save the file and import it using "Append Complex Data" and the Product URL Keys should be properly updated.