Values for Data Mappers


When setting up your Data Mapper you will need to choose the Zoey Values to export for each CSV Column.

Zoey Values for Data Mappers


The Zoey Values available to export will depend on the Zoey Object selected for your Data Mapper.

You can search through the available Zoey Values to find the data you are looking to export.

Here are some example Zoey Values and their respective Zoey Objects.

For Orders and Order Items Data Mapper exports

  • [Order] Increment Id (increment_id) exports the the Order Number.
  • [Order] Shipment Numbers (_shipment_numbers_) exports the Shipment Numbers associated with the Order / Order Items.

For Shipments and Shipment Items Data Mappers

  • [Shipment] Increment Id (increment_id) exports the Shipment Number.

For Invoices Data Mapper exports

  • Increment Id (increment_id) exports the Invoice Number.
  • [Order] Increment Id (increment_id) exports the Order Number


The prefixes tell you what object this data is being pulled from.

[Order] [Billing Address] Name (_name_) exports the Name from the Billing address on the Order.

But, [Order] [Customer] Default Billing Address (default_billing | 13) exports the Order's Customer Default Billing Address. This is not the same as the billing address on the Order.

Base Values

A Zoey Value including Base in their name means that the amount is displayed in the store's Base Currency. Values that lack Base are displayed in the Order's currency. This is important if using multiple currencies on your store.

For Example:

[Order] Base Grand Total (base_grand_total)

[Order] Grand Total (grand_total)



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