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Visual Design Editor

If you have the Visual Design Editor loaded before installing this App you will need to exit and re-enter the Visual Design Editor after installing this App to see it appear.

Stockist Store Locator makes it easy to add a searchable store or dealer locator to any page on your Zoey site. It installs in minutes with no coding experience needed – just drag-and-drop in your Zoey visual design editor.

Step 1: Install and Enable the Stockist Zoey App

Click Here To Install the Stockist App


Click the "Get App" Button

Installing the app will take you to your Store Admin and ask you to Enable it. Change Enable to Yes and click Save.


Step 2: Drag & Drop the Store Locator

In your Visual Design Editor (Edit My Design) you can Create a New Page, or open an existing page, then using the + Add Menu > Apps section, drag & drop the Stockist Store Locator block into your page.


Add Menu > Apps


Store Locator block dragged into a page

Step 3: Get your Account

Register for a Account

Step 4: Get your Account ID from Stockist

Once logged in, you can get your 5-digit Stockist Account Identifier (for example u2838)
Copy this ID for Step 5 below.


Step 5: Add Stockist Account Identifier to Block and Publish

In your Visual Design Editor, click the "Edit" button on the Store Locator Block, then Paste the Stockist Account Identifier into the window and click submit.


Once you have added the ID, you can Save & Publish then view your store to see your Store Locator working.


Note: The Store Locator will not load inside of the Visual Design Editor.

The map displayed in the Editor is a placeholder image. Your Store Locator will only load on your store frontend after publishing.

Step 6: Add Locations and finish setting up Stockist Account

The above steps will get Zoey and working together, but you must finish setting up your stockist account to get locations loaded, set-up your google maps API key and customize the look & feel of your map.