Creating Tax Rules

Tax Rules are formulas that combine your Tax Classes and Tax Rates to ensure your customers are taxed correctly in every scenario. Tax Rules allow you to set a consistent application of your Tax Rates to specific product and customer groups.

How might this work? Some merchants may have customers that purchase products retail while others are tax exempt. Other stores may also sell products that have differing tax. Tax Rules work to match the correct tax with every transaction scenario your business may encounter.


You will need to have a Tax Rate, a Product and Customer Classes configured before creating a Tax Rule.

Visit Tax Configurations

From your Control Panel, hover your cursor over Set-up and select Tax.


From your Tax page, scroll to the Tax Rules section and click the corresponding Manage icon.


Add New Tax Rule

From the Tax Rules page, click Add New Tax Rule.


From the New Rule page, you can customize your tax rule based on the tax classes and tax rates you've created.

NameCreate a title for your tax rule.
Customer Tax ClassSelect a customer tax class to associate with your tax rule.
Product Tax ClassSelect a product tax class to associate with your tax rule.
Tax RateSelect a tax rate to associate with your tax rule.
PriorityEnter a numeric value to determine which tax rates are applied first. Tax rates with identical priorities are added, while differing tax rates are compounded.


When you're finished with your work, click Save Rule. If you would like to record your progress as you continue adjusting your rule, click Save and Continue Edit.


Edit Existing Tax Rules (Optional)


You can search by Name, Customer and/or Product Tax Class, Tax Rate, Priority, Subtotal, and Sort Order.