Webgility / ECC / QuickBooks


You must install this app to properly function

This App did not need to be installed to function. You must now install the App using the link below and in the "Settings" page of the App set Enabled to "Yes" then Save. This must be done regardless of when you install the app

Install the App by going to https://account.zoeysite.com/apps/install/webgility_ecc


IP Restrictions will prevent this App from functioning

This App is Restricted to only work from certain IP Addresses. Make sure to add your IP address to the Authorized List in order to properly connect:

  • After installing the App as directed above, login to your Zoey Account

  • Go to Apps

  • On the next page under Webgility click on Manage in the Settings row

  • Ensure that the App is Enabled

  • If you are connecting using a desktop computer application: Add the IP (http://whatismyipaddress.com) address of the computer accessing Webgility

  • If you are connecting using the Webgility website: Add the following IPs:,,,,,,


There may be additional IP addresses! Ask Webgility to provide you with all the IP addresses that access the Zoey Store.

Connect Webgility<>Zoey

Add a New Sales Channel

Pick Magento

For Store Web Address put in the URL under Apps->Webgility->Webgility->Manage

For the Store login/username - create an API user/password and enter that
information in

To create an API user/password see, https://support.zoey.com/docs/setting-up-api-user-and-role

Two important notes that diverge from the article above:

  1. Make sure to create the user under 3rd Party Log In and NOT Standard API
  1. Make sure to click on the "User Role" tab and pick "Administrators"