Category Lists (Menus)


A Category list is a list of all your enabled/available categories that can be added to any page in your theme. There are multiple templates available in the +Add Menu in the "Category" section.


Using Category Lists

Category Lists can be used to dynamically display:

  • All Categories
  • Selected Categories
  • Custom links
  • Categories & Custom Links

Number Of Levels

This setting allows you to determine how many levels of links to display. For instance: Mens > Shirts is 2 levels, Mens > Shirts > Button-down

Only Display Children of the Current Category

This setting will limit the display of categories to the sub-categories of the currently viewed page. This setting should only be used when this block is added to Category Templates

Collapse On Tablet

This setting allows the menu to be collapsed by default when viewed on Tablet-size devices.

Collapse On Mobile

This setting allows the menu to be collapsed by default when viewed on Mobile-size devices.

Managing Links

Click "Edit / Update Category Links" to manage the links that show in this Category List (Menu).

All Categories

By Default, the Category List block will display all categories (managed in Products > Categories).


Specific Categories

Selecting "Specific Categories" will allow you to choose which categories will appear in the menu.


Custom Menu

You can disable categories from the Menu by setting "No Categories" and use the "Add Link" button to build a custom menu. Drag & Drop to sort and create parent/child link arrangements.