Invoices Data Mapper Export


Setting up an Invoices Data Mapper enables you to export your Invoice data on a routine basis.

You can export all the data for each invoice manually through Bulk Actions on the Invoices Grid.

Setting up your Invoice Data Mapper

A Data Mapper is made up of two parts, the Connection the file is sent through and the Data Mapper which configures the export file.


Click here for a the Data Mapper setup guide.

Invoice Data Mapper Fields

Below is a table of the Invoice fields and values you'll use to create your Invoice Export Data Mapper.


You can export custom Attribute Values with your Invoices.

Search for them in the drop-down to add them to the Data Mapper Field Mappings.


Order and Customer fields are also available to be exported with your Invoices.

In the Zoey Value drop-down you'll find values that start with [Order] which have Order data.

Values without a label like [Order] or [Customer] will contain Invoice Data.

You can copy and paste the invoice fields below into your Data Mapper!

CSV ColumnZoey Value
Invoice NumberIncrement Id (increment_id)
Order Number[Order] Increment Id (increment_id)
Invoice IDInvoice Id (invoice_id)
Invoice Created AtCreated At (created_at)
Invoice Created byCreated By (created_by)
Invoice Net TermsInvoice Terms (_bill_netterm_term_)
Invoice Due DateDue Date (due_date)
Allowed Payment MethodsAllowed Payment Methods (allowed_payment_methods)
Invoice Payment MethodPayment Method (payment_method)
Invoice Is Paid?Is Paid (is_paid)
Invoice is Past Due?Is Past Due (is_past_due)
Invoice Is Void?Is Void (is_void)
Invoice Is Due On Receipt?Is Due On Receipt (is_due_on_receipt)
Invoice Is Marked As Paid?Is Marked As Paid (is_marked_as_paid)
Invoice Due Date is Custom?Is Custom Due Date (is_custom_due_date)
Invoice Paid By Custom Payment Method?Is Custom Payment Method (is_custom_payment_method)



Base amounts will be displayed in the Order's Base Currency

If you allow customers to checkout in multiple different currencies, use values with the Base distinction to display the amount in the order's currency.

CSV ColumnZoey Value
Invoice SubtotalInvoice Subtotal (_bill_subtotal_)
Invoice Shipping AmountInvoice Shipping (_bill_shipping_)
Invoice Discount Amount (-)Invoice Discount (_bill_discount_)
Invoice Payment SurchargeInvoice Payment Surcharge (_bill_payment_surcharge_)
Invoice Tax AmountInvoice Tax (_bill_tax_)
Net Term Discount (Paid Early)Invoice Net Term Discount (_bill_net_term_discount_)
Net Term Late Fee (Paid Late)Invoice Net Term Late Fee (_bill_net_term_late_fee_)
Total Amount InvoicedTotal (total)

Advanced Filters

You can choose to export Invoices based on their:

  • Created At
  • Due Date
  • Invoice State
  • Invoice Status
  • Invoice Payment Method