Managing Ship Tos in the Admin

An Account may have one, or multiple Locations. An Account Location isn't necessarily a physical location. It may be a division, region, territory or department to which ship-to addresses are linked. The Locations may have multiple Ship To Addresses associated with them.


Each Ship-to address belongs to an Account Location.

When placing an Order for a location, only the Ship-tos for that location will be available. You may select a different Location to choose a different Ship To address on the Order.

In Customers > Accounts, select an Account and click the Ship To tab to view the Locations and Shipping Addresses.

The Location is detailed above each of its addresses. You can click on the Location to edit its settings. The addresses can also be individually edited or deleted.

When editing the Location you can manage addresses and permissions for the Account Location. You can also set which address is the default.


Some products may be allowed for just certain locations!

Those settings are also found when editing the Account Location.