🚧 charges for HTTPS

If your site is HTTPS, you will need to pay for a plan with that supports "HTTPS Connection":

Step 1: Sign Up

Step 2: Click "+ New Item"

Step 3: Set-up your Cookie Notice

Enter a Title, select a Design, fill out the form, click Save And Close.

Step 4: Click "< / > USE ITEM"

Step 5: Get The Code

Select HTTPS and click COPY CODE

Step 6: Manage Theme Assets (In Zoey)

Log in to your Zoey Store, navigate to Edit My Design, then for your Published Theme, click "Manage Assets"

Step 7: Edit the HTML After Body

Select "HTML After Body" then click "Edit HTML"

Step 8: Paste Code and Save

Paste the code in the code editor and click "Save"