Formulas in your Data Mapper


Formulas can export your store's data using custom logic and calculations.

Each formula is available for certain Data Mapper types, based on their Zoey Object.

What Data Mapper Formulas are available to me?

In your Zoey Value column you can search for data to export through your mapper. Simply type "formula" to be returned all formulas available to be added.


Data Mapper Formulae are added as one-off improvements.

Many of these formulas will not be useful to you as there were not created to be applicable to all situations.

Order Item Formulas

Here are some useful formulas to use in your Order Items mappers.

  • [FORMULA] Order Number or PO# (if exists) (ORD00003)
    Will return the PO# if one exists on the Order, otherwise returns Order Increment Number.
  • [FORMULA] Line Number (3 Digits) (ORD00005)
    Will return three digit number representing the line number for each item being processed (001, 002, 003, etc..).
  • [FORMULA] Order has user comment (ORD00007)
    If the order has a comment added by the customer or admin when order was placed, return value is 1.
  • [FORMULA] Order Payments Payment Surcharge Amount Sum (ORD00009) && [FORMULA] Order Payments Base Payment Surcharge Amount Sum (ORD00010)
    These formulae will sum the payment_surcharge_amount or base_payment_surcharge_amount field from all payment records for the order.