Step 1: Install the Zoey ShipWorks App

Click Here to install the Zoey ShipWorks App

Step 2: Creating a 3rd Party Login

Before you begin you will need to create a 3rd Party Login for your Zoey store.

  • Log into your Zoey store and go to Advanced > API Configuration > 3rd Party Login > Users > Manage.
  • To add a user click on "Add new user" on the top right, fill out all the fields for User Info (remember the username and password as you'll need it for the ShipWorks connection).
  • For User Role pick "Administrator" and then click "Save User"

Step 3: Link your site to ShipWorks

  • Log into your ShipWorks account and add a new store, selecting "Magento".
  • Select Magento Module from
  • Enter the username and password you created for the 3rd Party Login on your Zoey store
  • For Module URL enter your store URL in the following format: (where "ts123456" is replaced by your unique store container)
  • Leave Store Code empty.


See this article created by ShipWorks

Adding a Magento Store