Yotpo helps eCommerce stores generate reviews, use them to drive qualified traffic and increase sales. Yotpo automatically emails your customers at a set time after purchase, asking them to leave a review.

Step 1: Add the Yotpo Zoey Apps

Once installed, you can access your apps from the App menu in the blue sidebar.


Step 2: Connect Zoey to Yotpo


Please ignore the instructions for the widget installation within your Yotpo account.

To connect your Yotpo account with your Zoey store you need to find your API Key and API Secret. From within your Yotpo account click on the drop down for your Account Settings:


Within your Account Settings select the Store tab to see your API credentials.


Copy your API Key and API Secret and paste it to your Yotpo Configuration within your Zoey store:


Click on Save Config in the top right after finishing your configuration.

Step 3: Replace the Reviews Block in your Product Templates

Within your Zoey store control panel go to Edit My Design and select your Product Template.

Remove the Default Zoey Reviews Block

If you have the default Zoey reviews block in your template, click on it, then click delete on your keyboard

Add the YotPo Reviews Block

Click on +Add in the top left to open the block menu. Under Apps you will find different Yotpo blocks you can add to your Template.



Adding the Reviews Block will begin making YotPo function to show rating stars anywhere you have them enabled. It will also automatically add the "Write a Review" link on your product page below the price.