SKU Vault

Step 1. Create API Username/Password in Zoey

Before you begin you will need to create a 3rd Party Login for your Zoey store.

  • Log into your Zoey store and go to Advanced > API Configuration > + More Standard API Options > API Settings
  • Change WSDL Compliance to Yes and hit Save
  • Change "Disable Zoey API Modifications" to "Yes"
  • Go to Advanced -> Refresh Your Store
  • Go to Advanced > API Configuration > API Users -> Manage
  • To add a user click on "Add new user" on the top right, fill out all the fields for User Info (remember the username and password (API Key) as you'll need it for the SKU Vault connection).

IMPORTANT: In the "User Role" tab make sure to select "Administrator (or Admin)" and then click "Save User"

Step 2. Create new Channel Account in SKU Vault

  • Login to SKU Vault and go to Admin->Channels Accounts
  • Click on the Account Type drop down and pick "Magento" then click "Create New Account"

Step 3. Fill out Integration Details

Shop URLYour Zoey Admin URL generally something like:
Soap API User NameThe username you created in Step 1
Soap API KeyThe password you created in Step 1

Step 4. Finish

Once configured, click on "Create New Magento Account" and your integration should now work. If you experience any problems, please open a support ticket with Zoey.