Stripe is a simple to set-up payment method that supports all major credit, debit, gift and prepaid cards, and over 100 currencies.

  • Stripe Payment Gateway can be set up as an online Payment Method to accept all major credit, debit gift and prepaid cards, and over 100 currencies.
  • Stripe ACH Payments allows you to accept online payments using ACH. Requires enabled Stripe Payment Gateway.

Enable Stripe

Stripe can be enabled and managed in Settings > Payment Methods. Click Add Payment Method in the top-right. Then, find Stripe Payment Gateway in the list and hit Add.

Click on Set-up, and set Enabled to Yes, then Save. This will add Stripe to your Payment Methods screen.

*If Stripe does not display in your payment methods, click here to install the Zoey Stripe App

Setting up Stripe Payment Gateway

After enabling Stripe for your store, you can access the Stripe Payment Gateway settings by navigating to Settings > Payment Methods > Stripe Payment Gateway and clicking Configure.


Stripe ACH Payments set-up instructions can be found here.

Connection Settings

During implementation it is recommended to use Stripe in Test Mode. To test your order processes you will use one of Stripe's test payment methods. Click here for a full list of Stripe Test Credit Cards.

  1. You must enter your Secret Key & Publishable Key for the Test, and Live environment to connect Zoey to Stripe.

    1. These keys are found within Stripe as shown in the screenshot below:

  2. Enable Test Mode or Live Mode depending on where you are in your implementation.


The following settings should each be reviewed individually to ensure the correct payment capture procedure. What settings appear in this section depends on your Payment Action setting.

There are three options:

Authorize onlyWill not charge the card, but will place an Authorization hold on the funds in the customer's account.
Authorize and CaptureAuthorizes and charges the customer's card for their invoice.
Save Credit Card OnlyWill not authorize or charge the card. It will simply be saved to their Account.


Click Here for more information about Authorize and Authorize & Capture

In Preferences there are other settings for deciding if cards should be saved to the Account, how expired authorizations are handled, accepted currencies, and min/max order amounts.


Additional settings for Stripe emails, invoices , fraud protection, surcharges, and Apple Pay. Review these settings to ensure the correct set-up of your Stripe Payment Gateway.

To enable Apple Pay for your store, set Apple Pay to Enabled within the Stripe Payment Gateway configuration.

Apple Pay (Google Pay and Microsoft Pay)

Enable Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay with the one "Apple Pay = Enabled" setting.

The Apple Pay button will only show when viewing the checkout on an iPhone.


ApplePay Does Not Need A File Uploaded To Your Domain

We've handled this all for you so you can ignore that step of the Stripe / ApplePay setup.


Stripe Radar Must be Disabled in Zoey to have Apple Pay Function


Stripe Domain Validation Should Be Your EXACT Domain

If your checkout URL is make sure to validate and not


Before you go Live

When you are ready to go live, make sure to change the Mode to Live.

Managing Saved Cards

Stripe will save the Credit Cards your customers use, if enabled to do so. You can access these cards by opening the Account and looking at the Cards on Account section.

As a Store Admin, you can Remove or Change Billing Address of a card on file with Stripe. Click the 3-dots to find those options.

Change Billing Address on Saved Card

When changing the saved billing address for a saved card, you can choose a Bill-To address on file for that Account.

Add Link to Add/Manage Saved Cards

If you go to Edit My Design and open the My Account Template you can add a link to a URL which the customer will then be able to Add, Remove or Manage their Saved Cards. Add a link to the URL pointing to:




This setting determines whether or not the Payment Method is active in your checkout.


This is how the Payment Method will be presented to your customers in the checkout.

Mode (Live or Test)

You can utilize Stripe's test mode before going live to test your checkout or order flow without handling live transactions. Based on this setting, the below Keys will be used.

Test or Live Publishable Key & Test or Live Secret Key

These are the API Keys that can be found in your Stripe Dashboard in Developers > API Keys

Apple Pay

Enable Apple Pay, Google Pay and Microsoft Pay with this one setting.

Payment Action

Authorize Only will not charge the credit card. Authorize and Capture will charge the credit card.

Stripe Radar

Stripe Radar is a Fraud Prevention suite offered by Stripe. You must be signed up for Radar here:

Save Customer Cards

This feature allows returning customers to use a saved credit card for their next purchase.

Optional Statement Descriptor

This field allows you to provide an additional Descriptor for Credit Card Statements.

Email Copy of Invoice

This setting will control if Stripe will send you a copy of the invoice. Note, Zoey already will send the customer an email for the Order.

Pay in store currency

This setting allows the payment to be processed in the store's currency.

New Order Status

This setting allows you to configure a custom Order Status for Stripe Orders. By default we recommend "Processing" for Authorize & Capture, and "Pending" for Authorize Only.

Show Accepted Card Icons

This setting will control if all available Accepted Credit Cards will be shown in the credit card form on your checkout screen.

Enable Stripe email receipts

This setting will control if Stripe will send your customer an email receipt. Note, Zoey already will send the customer an email for the Order.

Payment Applicable From (Select Countries)

You can use this setting to only show Stripe Payment method when specified countries are selected for the billing address.

Minimum Order Amount

This is the minimum amount this Payment Method will be available for.

Sort Order

This is the relative order in which Stripe will appear in your list of payment methods.

Surcharge Options

There are multiple settings to configure a surcharge to collect from your customers when they pay with a Credit Card through Stripe.

  • Apply Surcharge - When set to Yes, more settings display.
  • Surcharge Threshold - Applies the surcharge when cart subtotal is above this amount.
  • Surcharge Type - Flat fee amount or Percentage.
  • Surcharge - Amount or Percentage to collect.
  • Minimum/Maximum Surcharge - If a surcharge is applied it will not be less/more than this dollar amount.


Stripe charges fees for each transaction. Set up your surcharge so that the fee is totally or partially covered by your customer's order total.

You can also add additional fees to the Invoice after the order has been submitted.