HTML Block



This feature is for advanced users. Adding code to your theme can have negative effects if done improperly.


The HTML block allows you to add HTML or Code Snippets to a page. You can find the HTML Block in the +Add Menu > Building Blocks


Click or Drag & Drop to add the block to your page.

Using the HTML Block

After adding the block to your page, click the "Edit My HTML Component" button to Add or Edit HTML Code.


Within the Edit Screen, you can add or edit HTML Code.


There are two settings for the HTML Block:
###Render HTML in the Editor
This will allow the HTML to render inside of the Visual Design Editor. We recommend turning this off if the code added does not have a visual representation, or if the code will render something very large.

Execute JavaScript in the Editor

This setting allows javascript to be disabled so it does not interfere with the drag & drop interface. We recommend keeping this setting off unless necessary.

HTML Variables

'[customerId]'The ID of the customer if logged in.Int
'[customerGroupId]'The ID of the customer group.Int
'[customerEmail]'The email address of the customer if logged in.String
'[customerFirstName]'The first name of the customer if logged in.String
'[customerLastName]'The last name of the customer if logged in.String
'[cartId]'The ID of the current cart if there are items or if the customer is logged in.Int

Customer Attribute Variables


Any customer attribute that has been created can be used as an HTML variable using the format [customer.drop_down]. ( drop_down is the attribute "Code" as illustrated in the image above. )