Free Shipping For Customer Groups


Available only on certain plans

This feature is only available on certain plans and you may be required to upgrade your plan in order to use this feature.

This will offer Free Shipping based on the Minimum Order Amount for Customer Groups.

Configure Free Shipping Settings

In your Control Panel, hover over Set-up and click Shipping.

Click Configure to set up your free shipping options.


Fill in the fields:

EnabledIs this being offered? Yes will offer this option to all applicable customers during checkout
Title NameWe recommend labeling this Free Shipping and shown how a carrier's name such as USPS or FedEx would be shown
Method NameThis gives the customer a little more information about the shipping option. You may want to note how this item will be shipped such as Ground or Standard 3 Day.
Minimum Order AmountHow much will the customer need to purchase before they are given this option? In the example, any order over $100 is eligible for free shipping.
Enter the amount as a simple number, without currency symbols
Set Minimum Amount By Customer GroupIf Yes new fields open to enter the Minimum Order Amount per Customer Group
IMPORTANT: If you don't see this setting you may not be on a Plan that has this feature and you'll need to upgrade.
Customer Group Minimum AmountsEnter the Minimum Order Amount for each available Customer Group
Including TaxIf set to Yes the tax will be included in the Minimum Order Amount.
Displayed Error MessageIf a customer selects this and is not eligible, what error will they receive?
Ship to Applicable / Specific CountriesSelect which countries are eligible. You can select multiple countries by holding the CTRL key and clicking on the options you wish to add.
Sort OrderWhere on your list of shipping options do you want this to display? Leave blank to be sorted by default.

Save and Refresh

Save and you are all set up to allow free shipping.


We recommend creating a test order that fits the requirements and begin checkout.


There are many ways to offer free shipping other than this- USPS, UPS, DHL and FedEx for example have this set up in their methods.