Deleting Attribute Values

If you would like to delete an attribute value like Color, or Special Price from your products, you can do so with a CSV import set to the "Import Type" = Delete Attributes

Step 1: Create CSV

The CSV is very simple and has 2 columns:

  • sku
  • attribute_code

CSV Format - This example will remove the special_price Attribute from the 7 SKUs in the file.

Column HeaderDescription
skuSKU of the product you would like to delete attribute values from
attribute_codeThe Attribute Code of the attribute you would like to delete the values of from the specified SKUs

Step 2: Import CSV

Once your CSV has been Created, proceed to Import & Export > Import Products

  • Entity Type = Products
  • Import Type = Delete Attributes (see image below)
  • Upload your CSV file
  • Click "Check Data" button in top right of screen
  • If everything looks good, you will have a green bar with a button to import

If you encounter errors during the check data step, please read our KB article on Import Errors