Deleting Attribute Values

If you would like to delete an attribute value like Color, or Special Price from your products, you can do so with a CSV import set to the "Import Type" = Delete Attribute Values

Step 1: Create CSV

The CSV is very simple and has 2 columns:

  • sku
  • attribute_code

CSV Format - This example will remove the special_price Attribute from the 7 SKUs in the file.

Column Header



SKU of the product you would like to delete attribute values from


The Attribute Code of the attribute you would like to delete the values of from the specified SKUs

Step 2: Import CSV

Once your CSV has been Created, proceed to Import & Export > Import Products

  • Entity Type = Products
  • Import Type = Delete Attribute Values (see image below)
  • Upload your CSV file
  • Click "Check Data" button in top right of screen
  • If everything looks good, you will have a green bar with a button to import

If you encounter errors during the check data step, please read our KB article on Import Errors